Russian railways
22.01.2021   08:03

Construction of overpass at the narrowest point of Moscow Central Diametres progressing at record pace

Railway construction workers have started laying track on the new Kalanchevsky overpass, which is the most important section of the Moscow Central Diametres between Kursk and Kalanchevskaya railway stations. The two-track overpass now in operation was built in 1912-1919, but nevertheless enables trains and electric trains to pass in several directions at once.

The construction of the new overpass is being carried out using modern technologies, allowing the work to proceed at record rates. The bridge’s first arch was completed in September, the second in November and the third in early December 2020.

In total, three overpasses with nine arched structures will be built on Komsomolskaya Square. The assembly of the fourth and largest arched structure of the overpass for the II and III main tracks is already being underway at the construction site.

The reconstruction of the section between Moskva-Kalanchevskaya – Kursky railway station is being done in order to further develop Moscow Central Diametre 2 Nakhabino – Podolsk and commission the Moscow Central Diametre 4 between Aprelevka – Zheleznodorozhnaya.