Russian railways
22.01.2021   18:44

Artificial Intelligence to help issue tickets at rail ticket offices

To improve the quality and speed of passenger service at railway stations, the Russian Railways’ Holding is introducing a system for automatically entering passport data into ticket forms at long-distance ticket offices.

To implement this new system, the Federal Passenger Company, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, is equipping cash registers with software and hardware systems based on artificial intelligence. When issuing tickets, the cashier just needs to hold the document to the scanner, and the passenger’s data will automatically appear on the ticket form.

The new system will significantly reduce the time needed to issue tickets, minimise the possibility of errors during registration and increase the productivity of cashiers.

The system is capable of recognising the data not only of Russian internal passports, but also of Russian international passport for travelling abroad and birth certificates, as well as foreign passports from almost 200 countries around the world, in just a few seconds.

The Company has taken delivery of 835 such hardware systems and installed them at the largest railway station complexes in Russia.