25.01.2021   16:31

Russian Railways launches high-speed cross-border freight service from Western Siberia to Northern Europe

The first high-speed freight train loaded with chemical products departed for Finland from Kopylovo station on West Siberian Railways in the Tomsk region.

The train proceeded along the network owned by Russian Railways in accordance with the agreed timetable and entered Finland via Buslovskaya border station. After covering the 4,500 kilometre route, the train arrived at its final destination, Hamina station, just 5.5 days after its departure. Freight deliveries along this route used to take 11.5 days.

The much-reduced delivery time was achieved thanks to a specially developed timetable that was agreed with Finnish Railways. In addition, the full-set train, consisting of 82 wagons, did not require additional sorting en route, which also significantly reduced the delivery time.

The shipper plans to dispatch up to 10 such trains every month.