26.01.2021   18:06

Grain Express trains to deliver 10,000 tons of wheat from Novosibirsk region to Mongolia

As part of the Grain Express service run by Russian Railways, the first two accelerated trains loaded with wheat have been dispatched from the Novosibirsk region to Mongolia from Tatarskaya station on West Siberian Railways.

The total weight of the cargo was 10,000 tons.

Each train consists of 67 grain carriers. A special timetable has been developed for the trains. No additional sorting of wagons by destination is required en route, and no transshipment from one type of rolling stock to another is necessary at the border since the railways in Mongolia have the same broad-gauge track as in Russia. As a result, the train will cover the route in just five days, which is almost four times faster than the standard delivery time.

Mongolia is one of the main importers of domestic grain products. This transport solution meets the interests of all the partners. The new service will optimise the customer’s costs, including by accelerating product sales, as well as reducing freight car turnover.

Russian Railways is ready to launch grain express trains for other shippers in various other directions, including on a regular basis.