Global standing of JSC Russian Railways

JSC Russian Railways (RZD) is one of the largest railway enterprises in the world, with a pool of highly-qualified staff, an extensive scientific and technical basis, engineering and construction capabilities, and a substantial track record of international cooperation.

As of the the end of 2019, the Company ranked first in the world in terms of freight third of the global figure*. The Company transported 1.3 billion tonnes of freight and operates 85,600 km of track, placing it third in the world world behind China and the United States in terms of the volume of goods shipped and the length of its rail network. Russian Railways also ranks fourth in passenger turnover behind China, India and Japan with 134.5 billion passenger-km.

* According to the International Union of Railways (UIC)

Scale of RZD business activities

RZD Holding Comanys global presence


Russian Railways has a presence in over forty countries, where it continues to develop its business activities.
RZD Holding Company has many years of experience of operating in Europe and Asia. We have successfully implemented a number of logistics, infrastructure and rolling stock development projects and carry out extensivestaff training.

We are developing business contacts with prospective partners from Africa and Latin America, evaluating joint projects for infrastructure development.

The priority objectives of Russian Railways in the development of overseas business and international cooperation include:

  • Increasing its portfolio of infrastructure projects abroad;
  • Expanding the range of transport and logistics products, andensuring the growth of international and transit transportation volumes;
  • Promoting the interests of Russia’s railways in international organizations.

Key areas

Russian Railways has  a broad range of advanced competencies in all the key segments of the railway business at its disposal: logistics, engineering, management of railway systems, production of rolling stock and specialized equipment, research and development, and staff training.