April 26 in Krefeld (Germany), President of OAO "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin and President and Chairman of the Board "Siemens AG" Peter Loescher gave the official start of production of the electric trains "Swallow" platform Desiro.

Start of production SwallowsDuring the ceremony, Vladimir Yakunin and Peter Loescher acts signed to start production of electric and early procurement of components.

It is expected that the first train will arrive in Russia in 2012.

"Siemens" will put JSC "Russian Railways" 54 electric "Swallow". Contract to supply 38 electric trains was signed on 17 December 2009, the contract for the supply of an additional 16 trains, the production of which will be partially localized in Russia, signed September 21, 2010

In 2014, the electric "Swallow" will provide transport services for passengers during the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

August 4 prototype freight locomotive with asynchronous traction drive "Granite" (series 2ES10) toured with a record weight of 9 th. Tons route Ekaterinburg-Sorting - Pervouralsk - Balezino.

Electric GraniteFor the first time in the history of Russian railways train of the weight transferred through the pass between Europe and Asia. This achievement was made possible thanks to the new electric locomotives, developed jointly by Russian and German engineers.

Locomotive produced at JSC "Ural Locomotives" - a joint venture of the Group Sinara and German concern "Siemens" in accordance with the terms of reference of "Russian Railways".