2008 - Government of the Russian Federation approved the "Strategy of development of railway transport in Russia until 2030."

The aim of the Strategy is to create conditions for transport support socio-economic growth in Russia, increasing mobility of people and goods movement optimization, strengthening economic sovereignty, national security and defense of the country, reduce overall transportation costs, improving the competitiveness of the national economy, providing leadership positions of Russia in the world.

Strategic development of rail transport in the Russian Federation until 2030 includes two stages:

Stage 1 - the modernization of rail transport (years 2008 - 2015). During this phase will be provided with the necessary bandwidth on the main directions of traffic, radical modernization of existing infrastructure, providing transportation rolling stock with the exception of park, end of life will develop new technical requirements for equipment and technology, launched design and survey works and the construction of new railway lines. During this period, it is planned to build more than 6.4 thousand. Km of new lines, including lines for high-speed passenger traffic.

Stage 2 - the dynamic expansion of the railway network (years 2016 - 2030). At this stage it is envisaged extension of the railway network and the creation of infrastructural conditions for the development of new "points" of economic growth in the country, access to world-class technology and technical development of rail transport and improving the global competitiveness of the Russian railways. At this time, to be built the most important strategic, socially significant and freight traffic lines with a total length of more than 15 800 km.

The strategy envisages:

  • entering more than 20 thousand. km of new railway lines and electrification of about 7.5 thousand. km of track;
  • organization of transport provision of 18 prospective mineral deposits and industrial zones;
  • creating lines that provide movement of passenger trains at speeds up to 350 km / h (2030 their length will be 1528 km).
  • rolling stock (planned to purchase more than 23 thousand. locomotives, more than 900 thousand. of cargo and about 29.5 thousand. coaches);
  • increase in the density of the railway network by 23.8% at the total elimination of restrictions capacity and carrying capacity.

Investment in the development of railway transport of the Russian Federation until 2030 will amount to more than 13 trillion rubles. (In 2007 prices). For the implementation of the "Strategy of development of railway transport in the Russian Federation until 2030" plans to actively use the mechanism of public-private partnerships.

The distribution of investments:

  • 40% - construction of new railway lines;
  • 31% - the development of existing infrastructure;
  • 29% - rolling stock.