July 30 train "Sapsan" began to run on the Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod.

SapsanTravel time is 3 hours. 55 minutes.

In the reconstruction of infrastructure in the direction of Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod for high-speed message JSC "Russian Railways" for 4 years has invested 9.49 billion rubles.

As part of the reconstruction of the following work:

  • reconstruction of railway stations in Moscow - Railway, End of the Line - Vladimir, Vladimir - Fedulova, Fedulova - Saryeva, Saryeva - Vyazniki;
  • reconstruction of eight traction substations (End of the Line, Boldin, Undol, Koloksha, Vladimir, Fryazevo, Seat, Drezna) and paragraph Pavlovsky Posad voltage rise;
  • laid about 33 km and the main station tracks;
  • reconstruction of 27 artificial structures; 11 crossings with the construction of new level crossing posts;
  • construction and reconstruction of 54 passenger platforms;
  • installed fencing area for 331 km, etc.

December 12, 2010 was opened by a high-speed communication between Russia and Finland. On this day from Helsinki went first high-speed train "Allegro" to St. Petersburg.

Running AllegroWith the onset of high-speed rail travel time by rail between St. Petersburg and Helsinki decreased from 6:00 to 18 minutes just over three and a half hours.

Maximum speed train "Allegro" on the territory of Russia is 200 km/h, on the territory of Finland - 220 km/h.

Passenger cars and the first and second class are equipped with adjustable seat, folding table, pockets for storage of newspapers and magazines, footrests and electrical outlets for connecting computers and mobile phones.

Train "Allegro" is designed as a non-smoking area.

The trains have seats for passengers with disabilities and passengers with pets, as well as salon meeting room. For children's leisure activities in each train is designed special play corner. The train follows the dining car.