Ryzhino Station

RuzhinoRyzhino Station in the town of Lesozavodsk in Primorsky Territory is located at the 8,938th kilometre on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Lesozavodsk was founded in 1894, when the first settlers arrived from Kiev, Chernigov and Poltava governorates to put down roots on the picturesque banks of the Ussuri River in the taiga, in the Ussuri lowlands. The settlement acquired the status of a town in 1938, when a second track was laid along the Trans-Siberian railway and immediately after the junction at Ryzhino was built.

In 1897, when the Vladivostok - Khabarovsk railway line was opened, a single line ran through a vacant area at the site of the current station at Ryzhino. Three years later, settlers from a Ukrainian village founded the village of Ryzhino nearby. The large village of Ryzhino was at the centre of Ruzhinsky near Kiev, so the settlers named the new village after their old village as a reminder of their native land. In 1933, a siding was made here and a second track laid to facilitate the construction of new enterprises in the nearby town of Lesozavodsk. The siding was named after the nearest village - Ryzhino.

The resort of Shmakovka, the beautiful lakes of Lobyntsevo, Goncharovo and Maloe, and the low hills of Glazovskaya and Bezimyannaya, all lie to the south-east of Lesozavodsk.
On 25 December 2002, the electrification of the Trans-Siberian was completed at Ryzhino station. In honour of this event, the first Orthodox church was built that same year and dedicated to St. Nicholas, the patron saint of all travellers. The church was erected by the builders from the railways.