Mokraya Byivola Station

Wet Buffalo Mokraya Byivola Station - Wet Buffalo Station - in the Mineral Waters Division at North Caucasus Railways was founded in 1928. After a dinner party with Cossacks, the local clerk prepared papers for official approval of the names of the new stations - Mokraya Balka - Wet Beam - and Rogataya Byivola - Horned Buffalo. He then forgot the original versions and recorded the station as Wet Buffalo and Horned Beam. The names were approved, and it was too late to change anything.

Mokraya Byivola Station now only handles loading and unloading in the sidings.

Kyma Station

Kyma Station was established in 1915. The name comes from the river Kuma, which flows nearby. The station handles freight loading and unloading. Two pairs of electric trains on the Mineral Waters - Budennovsk line pass through Kuma station.

Minutka Station

MinuteMinutka Station was founded in 1894. The train passing through it never stopped. Cossacks on "business trips", out "shopping" or visiting Kislovodsk and other places often asked the driver to stop for a minute - and so the station got its name.

Now, 60 electric suburban commuter trains pass through Minutka - and the stop lasts precisely one minute!

Vedmidovka Station

VedmidovkaIn 1914, yet another section of the Black Sea and Kuban railway line that passes through the village Medvedovskaya was built.

At a special meeting, the railway line's Board considered the name of the new stations. According to the existing rules, the stations were named after nearby settlements. At the same time, it was undesirable that the rail network had stations with identical names. After looking into the question, it turned out that on October Railways, not far from Bologoe station, there was a station called Medvedovo, and on Volga Railways, a station called Medveditsa (Female Bear).

The Board of the Black Sea-Kuban Railway therefore decided to name the station in the village Medvedovskaya, from the Ukrainian word Vedmed - Vedmedovskaya. Cossacks with Ukrainian roots lived here, and many of them spoke Ukrainian.

The station currently handles loading and unloading. Passenger trains on the Timashevskaya - Krasnodar section pass through Vedmidovka. Stops are made for suburban commuter trains, while long-distance trains stop for technical reasons.