Paveletskaya Station, Moscow

Saratov StationThe construction of Paveletskaya Station in Moscow was first mooted in 1895, in anticipation of the construction of a new railway line between Pavelets - Moscow. Permission for the construction was obtained by the Ryazan-Ural Railway Company, one of the largest railway companies in Russia in the late nineteenth century.

The Moscow City Government, the Ministry of Communications and the Ryazan-Ural Railway Company carefully selected the site for the future station. A specially created commission discussed a number of options, including proposals to site a "station at Drovyanaya and Konnaya Square" or "in another area of Zamoskvoreche", or even at "Spassky Zastava, having decided to build a railway bridge over the Moscow River."

Ultimately, the Commission opted for little town of Kozhevniki in the south-east of Moscow, and it was decided to build the passenger station on Zatsepaya Street and the freight station along Danilovskay Street. "The site selected for the station by the Ryazan-Ural Railway Company meets our interests more than any other," according to a statement made by the factory owners to the City Council on 2 September 1897.

After obtaining some land for the station, the Ryazan-Ural Railway Company pledged to build an overpass over the Serpukhov Highway, to take part in the reconstruction of the bridge over the Maly Krasnokholmsky Drainage Canal, and to build, in front of the passenger building, an area "along Zatsepaya with a length of at least 70 Russian fathoms and a width from the passenger building to Zatsepaya of at least 20 Russian fathoms." A Russian fathom is equal to 2.13 metres.

Trains began running on the Pavelets - Moscow line on 19 January 1900. The new station in Moscow was not yet ready at this time, so the first train from Pavelets arrived at Kursk Station.

Paveletsky StationBut soon, Saratov station decorated Russia's original capital. It was called Saratov in the documents on behalf of the city of Saratov, the largest hub owned by the Ryazan-Ural Railway Company. The name "Paveletskaya" became firmly established only after World War II.

The architect Krasovsky designed an elegant and comfortable two-storey building with a length of 39.3 Russian fathoms and a width of 10.65 Russian fathoms, with a third on the middle part of the building with attics above the lateral extensions. It was built of bricks on a rubble stone foundation. (A Russian fathom is equal to 2.13 metres).

The facade was lined with special brick and the base with block stone. In the centre of the station was a customer service area, which separated the halls for the 1st and 2nd class passengers rooms from those for the 3rd class. The second floor was reserved for offices, an apartment for the station master and housing for the pantryman and watchman. The facade overlooking the tracks had offices, reception rooms and exits to the platform.

With the construction of the station, life on Zatsepaya was rejuvenated. The square in front of the railway station was soon built up with stone houses, shops, restaurants and hotels. The station was initially served by horse-drawn cars and then trams. On the right-hand side of the station was the Zatsepsky market, reputed to be the cheapest in Moscow.

Paveletsky StationIn the early 1980s, the reconstruction of Paveletskaya Station began, during which its area increased six times and its capacity fourfold.

The updated Paveletskaya Station received its first passengers on 3 November 1987. The architects A. Gurkov, S. Kuznetsov and A. Vorontsov were able to preserve the architectural appearance and style of the old station. In fact, the old building was not demolished, but became part of the modern complex. The exterior of the new station appears to be single storey, but in fact, behind the facade are three levels for passengers, as well as a technical floor. Two halls with their original decor were retained from the old station and the dome space is included organically in the interior spaces, lending them a certain solemnity.

At present, Paveletskaya Station can accommodate and provide quality services to about 10,000 people.

On 3 August 2002, the rapid transit system Moscow Paveletskaya - Domodedovo airport was commissioned.