Borodino Station

Borodino StationBorodino station is in close proximity to the field of Borodino: access roads are close to the terrain on which the right flank of the disposition of our forces. One of the monuments of the memorial complex is located 50 meters from the station, and in the open-air museum tourists get almost bandwagon.

The building station Borodino works exhibition devoted to the Patriotic War of 1812. It was created by employees of the State Borodino Military History Museum-Reserve with the support of the Smolensk Branch of the MOR.

How to get there

Directions By train with the Belarusian railway station in Moscow (Moscow-Smolensk station).

From the history of the station

Borodino station was founded in 1869 in the field of Borodino battle for laying railway line Moscow - Brest.

In 1902, at the initiative of workers in this line began to create the first museum of the Battle of Borodino. The museum was opened in 1903 in one of the halls of the station station Borodino. In 1923, the exposition was transferred to Borodino Military History Museum. In October 1941, the station building was destroyed. The new station was built in Borodino in 1953. However, museum exhibitions, he is no longer used.

September 7, 2002 the station was opened after a complete renovation. Updated Borodino station meets all modern requirements. At the same time, in the course of modernization have been preserved and restored all the architectural details of the XIX century.

Station Divov

Station DivovDivov station located near the village of Konstantinovo - birthplace of the poet Sergei Yesenin.

At the station a permanent exhibition with exhibits from the museum of Sergei Yesenin in Konstantinovo: in six showcases posted photos of the poet and household items at the time of direct relevance to the station Divs. On the forecourt of a bronze bust of the poet. Brick fence in the area is decorated with lights in the old style.

Station Divov European level and can take hundreds of tourists.

How to get there:

Divov station is located 170 km from Moscow. Directions By train from Kazan railway station in Moscow.

From the history of the station

The railway station was opened Divov in 1864. According to historians, its name due to the fact that the land on which the railway was laid belonged to Nicholas Andrianovich Divov who voluntarily gave the land under the fabric of the new railway.

Full Councillor of State, Major-General Nikolai Adrianovich Divov (1792-1878) came from an old noble family, whose roots date back to the French royal dynasty of Valois. After traveling through Italy, he returned to Russia, fell into the category of free-thinkers, and was forced to leave the village Gorodischi Zaraiskiy county Ryazan province.

Station Ekaterinburg

Station EkaterinburgMuseum of History, Science and Technology of Sverdlovsk railway is located in the building of the first railway station in Yekaterinburg, created by architect PP Schreiber. He survived to the present day in an unmodified form, along with such monuments as the manor of Yekaterinburg Kharitonov-Rastorguev, Mountain Pharmacy, Home Malakhov and others. The building is a monument to the history and culture of the nineteenth century.

Front of the museum on the open area visitors are greeted railroad sculptures from different eras - the chief of the station, which is prepared to strike a bell to announce about the departure of the train workers and Ways of Communication master conductor that carry passengers tea. Sculptures beat successfully presented here full-scale exhibits: trolley for transportation of sleepers, deadlock, semaphores, barrier with warning device.

The museum exhibition presents the history of science and technology in chronological order. Conventionally, it is divided into two parts: historical and technical. The historical part includes the period from the creation of Russia's first steam locomotive EA and ME Cherepanov, construction and operation of the Ural mining and metallurgical and Perm roads to the modern period of reforming transport.

The museum has recreated the apron Yekaterinburg nineteenth station, railway stations layout Upper Neyvinsk and Revda, Cockpit diagram of the Sverdlovsk railway, showing the steps of electrification. Large pictures that fill the archways illustrate activities highway.

For authentic and imaginative interpretation of technical and historical processes in the exhibition are well represented models and models of rolling stock, the collection of full-scale exhibits - rails and means of communication; equipped machinist jobs VL11 electric locomotive, the assistant station and ticket cashier Show delivery network, tools, machinery and accessories specialists in all major occupations of rail transport.

How to get there:

Ekaterinburg, ul. Train station, 14. Tel. (343) 358-42-22

Station Skuratovo

Station SkuratovoRailroad Museum station Skuratovo Moscow railway opened in 2003 in the building of the station after the reconstruction of the railway station Skuratovo. Museum freely open to the public during working hours of the railway station.

The main exhibits of the museum - railway rarities. The exhibition presents examples of rail bygone era, manual switches and old semaphore, a detailed schedule of trains in 1883 and 1906, samples of the railway forms in different years, wands, Badges and "Insignias' medals and orders railwaymen of the last century, as well as buffers, tail, hand rail lights, stock railwaymen and pre-revolutionary vagonnikov. Here you can see antique furniture and miraculously preserved household items - the telephone from which Giljarovsky in 1882 dictated the message to Moscow about the victims in Tcherny railway accident. Individual stands exposure dedicated to Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev and Alexey Skuratov - known Russian navigator, whose name is the village.

How to get there:

Directions By train from Tula and Orel.

From the history of the station Skuratovo

On the map of railways Skuratovo appeared in 1868. Long-distance trains do stop in Skuratovo to change locomotives. That passengers can pass the time waiting, in 1870, was built "stone house with a platform and canopy length of 31 fathoms," preserved in its original form to the present day. On the threshold of the waiting room was on duty doorman in livery, and the floor littered the red carpet. On holidays priest held at the station service for passengers passing trains who attended and locals. Historians say that in the end of XIX century these buildings were only three - in Serpukhov, Kursk and Tula land.

The station received its name in honor of the legendary Great Northern Expedition Alexei Ivanovich Skuratov, who had his own estate nearby.

Station Skuratovo connected many famous names. In its vicinity are found Turgenev and Tolstoy, Bezhin meadow. It was here that the first meeting of the two great Russian writer Ivan Turgenev and Leo Tolstoy.

During the Great Patriotic War Skuratovsky railway junction are also strategic. It arrived here trains with tanks, artillery, participated in the heroic defense of Tula, and then at the Kursk Bulge. Here, the first Soviet armored train based, armed with the latest at the time reactive systems.

Station Yasnaya Polyana

Station Yasnaya PolyanaYasnaya Polyana station is located near the eponymous museum-estate LN Tolstoy. At the station is a museum and historical complex "Kozlov Zaseka."

Ctantsionny-museum includes:

Railway Station (ticket offices with terminal equipment "Express", a long-distance telephone, telegraph with the current machine code);


luggage barn;


parking of vehicles and buses;


adjacent landscaped area;

silo-drinking well.

The interior of the station - mirrors, clocks, curtains, lamps, benches - designed in the style of Leo Tolstoy. Under drawings and sketches was restored platform of the last century: a wooden shed on the wall station reappeared bell, sends a signal to the departure of the train platform equipped with lanterns and wooden benches.

How to get there:

Station Yasnaya Polyana is located 200 km south of Moscow. Directions By train from Tula.