Chernyshevskaya Station

ChernyshevskoyeChernyshevskaya Station, which is in Nesterovsky District in Kaliningrad region, was once known as the gateway to Eastern Europe. It is from here, from the village of Eydtkuhnen, from the easternmost station of the Imperial Railways of East Prussia, that journeys to Europe began. As a result, Eydtkuhnen saw more well-known people than many another capital city.

In January 1744, somewhere here, near Eydtkuhnen, the officer Baron Münchhausen was freezing cold as he awaited the arrival of the Princess of Anhalt-Zerbst - the future Empress of all the Russias Catherine II, better known as Catherine the Great. This was of course the real Baron Münchhausen, whose military exploits during Russo-Turkish war, hi two campaigns against the Turks, and his tall tales at dinner, were the basis of the later books and films.

And it was here at Eydtkuhnen that Fyodor Dostoevsky first tried marzipan cakes, which made such an impression on him that he later mentioned the station several times in his books. The main character in one of Chekhov's stories dreams of dumping his boring wife at Eydtkuhnen! In 1895, Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin, leader of the world's proletariat, turned up at the customs post at Eydtkuhnen and the great Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky sang his "sweet yawn" at Eydtkuhnen station.

In the postwar years, Eydtkuhnen was closed because the single space of the Soviet Union allowed trains to pass the station without stopping. And by the beginning of the twenty-first century, Chernyshevskoe was a small village remarkable only as a crossing point to Lithuania.