Sea and stevedore transportation is carried out by several companies.


In cooperation with JSC "Russian Railways logistics" BFI carries out international and coastal cargo transportation by rail and ferry in the Baltic and Black sea basins.

BFI operates several rail-ferry lines:

  • Kavkaz-Poti and Kavkaz-Samsun (Turkey),

  • Kavkaz-Kerch and Novorossiysk-Kerch (Sevastopol) on the Black Sea,

  • Ust Luga-Baltiisk and Ust Luga-Sassnitz (Germany) on the Baltic Sea, where we operate our own multi-functional rail ferries SMAT (TFM-1), FERUZ (BFI-1), Peterburg, Baltiisk and Kaunas.

Production activities also includes chartering vessels to transport goods from the ports of the Far East region and arranging stevedoring activities.

With regard to the Company's plans about port capacity and facilities, Russian Railways has interests in and actively works on the multi-functional transshipment complex Yug-2 at the commercial seaport Ust-Luga and the port of Rajin in North Korea.

CJSC South Caucasus railway (SCR)

According to the agreement of February 13, 2008 between JSC "RZD" and the government of the Republic of Armenia, concession management of the railway infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia was established. The term of concession management is 30 years with the right of extension for another 10 years. SCR is the operator of the Caucasus – Poti ferry line and carries out the following activities:

  • long-distance passenger transportation;
  • suburban passenger services;
  • provision of infrastructure services;
  • provision of locomotive traction services;
  • rolling stock repair;
  • infrastructure construction.



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