RZD Logistics delivers medical oxygen to hospitals in Altai Territory

RZD Logistics delivers medical oxygenNovosibirsk, 9 July – RZD Logistics, in conjunction with OJSC SibTekhGas named for F.I. Kim, is delivering liquid medical oxygen to hospitals in Altai Territory. In the first half of 2014, 432 tons of liquefied gas produced by the plant were delivered to medical facilities in Barnaul, Biysk, Rubtsovsk and Novoaltaisk.

Prior to the beginning of cooperation with RZD Logistics, SibTekhGas used its own road transport to deliver the plant's products. Experts from RZD Logistics used a fleet of specialised rail tankers which was standing idle on the plant's railway tracks. All the approvals and permits necessary for transporting such goods were obtained.

Under the new delivery scheme, RZD Logistics dispatches the oxygen from Novosibirsk by rail and at Barnaul station on West Siberian Railways then transships the liquefied gas directly to cryogenic road tankers and carries out door-to-door delivery to ten hospitals in Altai. As a result, the new logistics scheme using rail rolling stock has significantly cut the plant's costs of delivering its products to customers.

"This logistics scheme has once again proved the competitiveness of rail transport and its high degree of economic efficiency," said Sergey Shevtsov, Director of the RZD Logistics' branch in Novosibirsk. "We are also planning to use similar technology in the future for coal companies which use liquid nitrogen to prevent and extinguish fires in coal mines."

The company plans to switch to an integrated logistics service for Sibtekhgaz for the export of technical gases and delivery to consumers.

OJSC SibTekhGas named for F.I. Kim is one of the leading companies in Russia and the CIS in the production of technical gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon and food and industrial gas mixtures, especially pure gases.

RZD Logistics provides a full delivery chain of raw materials to Novotroitsk Cement Plant

RZD Logistics provides a full delivery chain of raw materials Yekaterinburg, 8 July – RZD Logistics launched a comprehensive transportation and logistics service for OJSC Novotroitsky Cement Plant, which is part of the holding United Cement Group. The company has assumed responsibility for the whole supply chain of raw materials to the plant by rail from the Iriklinskoe limestone deposits.

The technology developed and implemented by experts at the Yekaterinburg branch of RZD Logistics provides for service on the railway infrastructure of private tracks at Novoorsk Station on South Ural Railways. Novoorsk Station is adjacent to the Iriklinskoe limestone deposits. The range of services includes loading and unloading, leasing of rolling stock (dumping wagons), forming consignor routes, all shunting within the mines and establishing routes for the loaded deposits to the departure station.

In addition, RZD Logistics ensures the movement of loaded and empty wagons in strict accordance with the timetable, with goods trains departing at a fixed time and arriving at the destination on time, bypassing the marshalling yards. This scheme allows Novotroitsky effectively to plan its work and allocate resources when producing its final products.

Shipment volumes on the project are planned at up to 60,000 tons per month.

"In the past, the company transported raw materials from the quarry by road, but this method could not handle the volume required for production. The plant also had additional costs since it had to make up the shortfall of raw materials from third-party suppliers. Our technology has allowed us to optimise the supply of raw materials, reduce the enterprise's costs, and once again demonstrated the competitiveness of rail transport," said Dmitry Abdullayev, Director of the of RZD Logistics' branch in Yekaterinburg.

RZD Logistics is actively developing an integrated logistics service for industry, which includes providing logistics supply, marketing and in-plant logistics. Examples of the service include our collaboration with Guardian Steklo Rostov LLC, CJSC "Severstal - Balakovo Sortovoi Plant", Ford Sollers Elabuga LLC and other companies.

RZD Logistics transports experimental batch of 60-metre rails from Russia to Germany

RZD Logistics transports experimental batchRZD Logistics carried out a unique multimodal shipment of a pilot batch of 60-metre rails manufactured by OJSC Evraz ZSMK to Germany on behalf of Deutsche Bahn. The company's experts have developed several alternative logistics schemes to transport freight to consignees in Europe. As a result, the optimal delivery scheme was selected by combining universal broad gauge 1520 mm rolling stock, specialised 1435 mm narrow gauge rolling stock and a sea-going rail ferry. A unique scheme for loading and fastening 60m rails to five universal platforms coupled together was quickly agreed with the divisions involved at Russian Railways.

Together with experts from Evraz ZSMK, this exceptionally long freight was loaded onto the platforms and successfully passed the whole safety test cycle: collisions at different speeds, rolling along tight radius curves on the plant's territory and a trial shipment as part of a freight train. After the tests, the valuable cargo was dispatched across the country to the port of Ust-Luga for further loading onto a rail ferry owned and operated by Black Sea Ferry & Invest Ltd., a subsidiary of RZD Logistics. The journey from Novokuznetsk to the port of Ust-Luga, a distance of 4,200 km, took 9 days.

In spite of the technical particularities of uneven surfaces across five universal platforms coupled together on a rail ferry, loading was achieved in the shortest possible time. From Ust Luga, the rails were promptly dispatched to the German port of Sassnitz, where RZD Logistics, with the participation of its European partners, organised an unparalleled operation to transship the long load onto wagons with the standard European narrow-gauge wheel size. During transshipment, bars specially sent to the port from other regions in Germany were used to avoid damage to or bending the long and thin rails. The rails were then delivered to the final consignee in Mekelfeld-Zeevetal in Germany in less than two days.

The rails will now be tested for compliance with the requirements of German customers at a Deutsche Bahn rail welding plant in Zeevetal. The successful completion of tests on this experimental batch will lead to massive supplies of railway line products from Russia to Germany in the future.

RZD Logistics implemented unique integrated transportation of track equipment from Russia to Serbia

Moscow, 13 May – RZD Logistics, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, has implemented a unique integrated shipment of track equipment from Russia to Serbia on behalf of RZD International, another subsidiary of Russian Railways. The shipment was part of the project "Reconstruction of Rail Infrastructure Facilities in the Republic of Serbia".

The equipment delivered included a laying crane, two motorised platforms and a platform with a traction winch, as well as 21 platforms with universal removable equipment and four universal platforms.

This shipment was first time that such a number of vehicles - 29 units in all - was supplied as a single consignment by rail through six countries with a change of gauge. The route ran through Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Serbia.

RZD Logistics conducted a preliminary analysis to ensure that the consignment would meet the international transit regulations under existing international agreements and developed an individual route for the track equipment which took into account European requirements governing the freight's dimensions.

Track equipment from Russian factories in Yaroslavl, Kirov and Kaluga were delivered in accordance with special route timetables simultaneously to Bryansk, where it was consolidated and formed into a train. After customs clearance, the goods proceeded to Europe via Belarus.

Since the scheme was originally designed to work on the narrow gauge of 1435 mm used in Europe, RZD Logistics took out a lease on wheeled carts using the wide-gauge 1520 mm for the shipment while on Russian territory.

RZD Logistics also offered a further range of services, including cargo support, transshipment and transportation through the territory of the six countries with the payment of carriage charges. In addition, RZD Logistics provided information services throughout the journey, including tracking the cargo and notifying the client and consignee.

The implementation of such a complex shipment was made possible through close collaboration of all the involved departments at the RZD Holding. RZD Logistics was the organiser and coordinator.

After completing the commissioning, the construction equipment will be dispatched to the stretch between Rum – Golubinci on Pan-European Corridor X. Work at the site is planned to begin in July 2014. In total, the project provides for the supply of three consignments of the equipment.

RZD Logistics delivers cargo for construction of railway line to port of Ust-Luga

Saint-Petersburg, 31 March 2014

RZD Logistics delivers cargo At the beginning of 2014, experts at the St. Petersburg branch of RZD Logistics began working on the delivery of more than 35,000 tons of crushed stone for the construction of a railway line from the M-11 Narva to the port of Ust-Luga. The construction material is delivered from the quarry of Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete LLC in the Republic of Karelia.

The range of services provided by RZD Logistics includes transportation of crushed stone to the OJSC "Factor" Timber Terminal at Ust-Luga and transshipment of the cargo. The crushed stone is delivered directly from the terminal to the construction site by road.

The OJSC "Factor" Timber Terminal has the necessary rail infrastructure for receiving and transshipping building materials. At the same time, the terminal can unload up to 20 open-box cars. Transshipping building materials is conducted at specialised sites which provide non-stop access by road so that work at the site goes on continuously.

RZD Logistics coordinates the work of all participants in the process, thus allowing the regular delivery of construction materials and the most efficient use of available resources for transshipping crushed stone to road vehicles, both directly and from the sites.

According to Russia's Federal Road Agency, the reconstructed access route to the Ust-Luga commercial sea port will be commissioned in the IV quarter of 2014.

RZD Logistics provides internal logistics to rolled metal plant

Moscow, 27 November 2013

RZD Logistics provides internal logistics In order to optimise the transport of raw materials and finished products from CJSC Severstal - Balakovo Slortovoi Plant, which is part of a division of Severstal Russian Steel, RZD Logistics has opened its own unit at Balakovo station on Volga Railways. The experts at RZD Logistics have fully organised services with regard to the 15.7 km private railway line located on the territory of the manufacturing enterprise.

The plant has an annual production capacity of more than 1 million tons of rolled steel and began operations in the Balakovo district of Saratov region in 2013.

In order to arrange an uninterrupted supply of raw materials for the production and delivery of finished products from the factory, RZD Logistics uses not only diesel shunting locomotives, but also Mercedes-Benz Unimog multi-purpose medium-sized trucks. Staff from RZD Logistics carry out the work at the electric centralisation post.

In the future, the plant plans to deliver 70% of the metal it produces by rail. Since the beginning of cooperation, experts from RZD Logistics have processed more than 30,000 tons of cargo. The project is planned to run for three years.

RZD Logistics already has successful experience with international and domestic logistics at industrial companies such as Guardian Glass Rostov LLC and Ford Sollers Elabuga LLC.

RZD Logistics delivers electric vehicles from Moscow to Sochi Olympics in record time

RZD Logistics delivers electric vehicles RZD Logistics made a delivery of electric cars by railway from Moscow to the Sochi Olympics in record time — less than two days.

Rail has once again proved that is more reliable than road transport. Extreme weather conditions in Russia's Southern Federal District prevented the electric cars made by Mitsubishi from being delivered from Moscow to the Olympic facilities by road. A cold snap and heavy snowfall brought traffic to a standstill on major federal roads and led to a collapse in transportation.

The railways therefore stepped in to provide operational assistance in transporting Olympic freight.

Thanks to the timely and coordinated actions of the RZD Holding's subsidiaries and divisions, the delivery of electric cars for the Sochi Olympics by rail was organised in a record time of under two days.

The vehicles were loaded at Kuntsevo-2 station on Saturday night, 1 February 2014. Experts from RZD Logistics coordinated the reloading of the cars to RealTransAvto rolling stock, ensured that the cargo was properly secured and lashed and arranged the transportation documents. RZD Logistics also acted as the consignor and the consignee on this shipment.

On the very next day, 2 February 2014, the goods arrived at their destination, Vesyosloe station on North Caucasus Railways, where members of the local branch of RZD Logistics unloaded the cars and delivered them to the terminal at the Sochi Olympic freight yard. As a result, the cargo was delivered in just 39 hours.

RZD Logistics started shipping confectionery from St. Petersburg to the CIS countries

RZD Logistics began to organise the delivery of products from Chipita Saint Petersburg LLC, a confectionery factory, to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

As part of the cooperation, RZD Logistics provides a full range of transportation and logistics services, including delivering the confectionery by road to the loading station, repackaging the goods into appropriately-sized boxes to save space, loading them onto wagons, providing services to the shipper and delivering the confectionary to the final recipient in the time agreed. The first batch of confectionery was dispatched in December 2013, in close collaboration with the Directorate for Terminal and Warehouse Management at October Railways. It is expected that there will be four to six shipments a month in 2014. RZD Logistics plans to expand the geography of its door-to-door deliveries in the near future.

Chipita St. Petersburg Ltd. is the Russian subsidiary of the Greek company Chipita, which has a presence in more than 30 countries. It is a leader in its sector and is recognised in Europe as one of the largest companies in the production of baked goods and snacks. Chipita Saint Petersburg produces croissants and muffins and carries out commercial and industrial activities in all of Russia's regions and exports products to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Greece, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

RZD Logistics organsies seasonal transport of reinforced concrete products and finished goods from Siberian enterprises

RZD Logistics is actively involved in the transport of seasonal reinforced concrete products and finished goods from enterprises in the Siberian region. Reinforced concrete products such as road slabs, pillars and wall panels for residential buildings are delivered to Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Purpe and Noyabrsk in the north of Tyumen Region. Working together with manufacturers of reinforced concrete products in the Tomsk Region, Novosibirsk Oblast and Omsk Oblast, the RZD Logistics' branch organised the transportation of 5,500 tons of cargo in Novosibirsk in November by open-box cars from the fleet of high-speed trains and platforms of OJSC Federal Freight. In December, the demand from customers for this type of cargo transportation increased to 9,000 tonnes. In view of the exceptional competencies of RZD Logistics in cooperation with the companies of the RZD Holding, customers entrust their shipments to the Novosibirsk branch of the company, knowing that RZD Logistics can ensure the timely wagons delivery, solve questions regarding the progress of the rolling stock and select rolling stock in accordance with technical requirements such as the availability of sides on platforms etc.

RZD Logistics delivered monument to Russia's Alexander III in Spasov Skeet in Ukraine

As part of a service offered by RZD Express, RZD Logistics carried out the free transportation of a monument to Russian emperor Alexander III from the Greater Moscow area to Spasov Skeet in Ukraine. The momument first arrived at the Borky station in Kharkov Region.

By order of President Vladimir Putin, the shipment was delivered to the public organisation Triune Russia in Kharkov Region. It is expected that the monument will be open to the public by 30 October 2013, on the eve of the 125th anniversary of the tragic event when the imperial train crashed near the station and where, thanks to a happy coincidence, the royal family was not injured. As part of this project, RZD Logistics carried out the loading, removal and road transportation of this oversized monument in the form of a 2.6m pedestal-mounted bust weighing 1.8 tons. Moreover, the company provided additional customs and informational and consultancy services for the provision of transportation in Russia and Ukraine on the journey of over 800 km.

According to Victor Bortsov, Director of Development for the Transportation of Small Consignments at RZD Logistics, this shipment is of great historical importance for both countries: the events in their common history should not be forgotten. As part of this project, RZD Logistics delivered the oversized monument on time and provided as a basic service loading, road transport and additional services.

RZD Logistics started deliveries of thermal insulation materials to Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The branch of RZD Logistics in Yekaterinburg has begun to transport thermal insulation materials for oil and gas companies in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YaNAO). In partnership with the Directorate of Materials Management and The Warehouse Complex at Sverdlovsk Railways, experts at the Yekaterinburg branch began dispatching the plant's output of heat-insulating materials to OJSC TIS in September. Material for thermal insulation of pipelines was delivered to Labytnangi in closed and open box cars. The transportation was organised in close collaboration with the departments of Sverdlovsk Railways. The direct option for cargo transshipment — from trucks to wagons — is made directly at the Yekaterinburg Goods Station by the Sverdlovsk Mechanised Division for Loading, Unloading and Commercial Operations. The wagons were provided by Federal Freight. RZD Logistics coordinates the activities of all participants in the transport process, acts as the shipper, pays the railway tariff and prepares plans for the loading and shipping documents. "The clear and well-coordinated work at all departments and companies involved in the RZD Holding enables timely and well-organised cargo loading and shipment. We look forward to long and fruitful cooperation", said Dmitry Abdullayev, Acting Director at the Yekaterinburg branch of RZD Logistics. The OJSC TIS plant is the largest factory for the production of heat insulation materials in the Urals. It produces more than 1,000 types of products for pipe insulation, roofs, foundations, floors, building walls and facades, refrigeration facilities, internal and external insulation of building structures, waterproofing of structure and the sound insulation of premises.

RZD Logistics transports oversized cargo by rail

The transportation of oversized cargo weighing 334 tons was carried out by RZD Logistics on behalf of the Ryazan Oil Refining Company. Technical equipment for oil refining was dispatched from the AtomEnergoMash plant in Volgodonsk in Rostov to the oil refinery in the city of Ryazan. The equipment was shipped on two separate 12-axle sections of a coupled transporter. Transporters with covers from universal platforms and a covered wagon were dispatched from North-Caucasus Railways to Moscow on a route established by the Special Transport Department of the Central Directorate of Traffic Control at Russian Railways. The transporters were dispatched as part of a single train, which minimised the delivery time and reduced the load on the through capacity of the infrastructure en route. This is especially important during the peak season for passenger trains. The transportation was successfully organised by dint of clear coordination among all the stakeholders — the shipper, the rolling stock owner, subdivisions of the carrier, the Directorate of Traffic Control and experts at the RZD Logistics branch in Rostov-on-Don.

RZD Logistics starts shipping Turkish marble to Kazakhstan via Russian port

RZD Logistics has developed a new multi-modal solution to delivery marble for the company Asist Gemi ATENTELINGI TIC LTD STI from Turkey to Kazakhstan via Russia. Before beginning cooperation with RZD Logistics, the Turkish company used to deliver marble to Kazakhstan by air. The new logistics scheme was launched in July and includes loading the cargo into containers at Istanbul port in Turkey, its delivery by sea to the Rostov Universal Port in Russia, repacking the freight on covered wagons and delivering it by rail to its destination, Alma-Ata station in Kazakhstan. RZD Logistics offers the client a wide range of services, such as receiving laden containers underway in domestic customs transit mode, unloading cargo from containers and providing covered wagons. The company's experts develop schemes for placing the cargo onto wagons and ensuring the loading, arranging the transport documents and domestic customs transit and paying the rail tariff on the territory of Russia and CIS. Our comprehensive service and well-conceived transportation schemes benefit the client by reducing the delivery cost of goods.

RZD Logistics began transporting grain cargoes to Armenia for UN World Food Programme

The RZD Logistics' branch in Rostov-on-Don won the tender issued by the OJSC United Grain Company for the transportation of grain cargoes for the UN World Food Programme. The first wagon carrying buckwheat departed from the Russian city of Kursk for Vanadzor in Armenia. For the implementation of the transport, the Rostov branch expanded its portfolio of transportation and logistics' services provided in the CIS. The client was provided with a set of services, including forwarding in Russia, Georgia and Armenia, sea transportation and terminal handling.

The United Grain Company is a Russian state-owned agricultural company focused on the development and operation of infrastructure facilities on the grain market, realising the export potential of Russian grain and actively conducting trade and procurement activities on the domestic grain market. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is the world's largest humanitarian organisation fighting hunger worldwide. The WFP is part of the United Nations and is supported by voluntary donations. Every year, the WFP provides food assistance to more than 90 million people in over 70 countries around the world.

RZD Logistics develops cooperation with OJSC Solikamskbumprom

RZD Logistics is developing cooperation with OJSC Solikamskbumprom, one of the leading pulp and paper companies in Russia. Through this partnership, RZD Logistics is providing a comprehensive service for dispatching finished goods for export to Pakistan, Spain, India, Israel and other countries. Together with shipping container lines, new logistics solutions are being developed that optimise import and export flows. Since cooperation began, a total of 1,300 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) have been shipped. Services include overland shipping, transshipment at the port and delivery by sea to the destination port. RZD Logistics plans to continue strengthening its partnership with the plant and develop new logistics solutions for the delivery of newsprint abroad. OAO Solikamskbumprom is one of the leading companies in the pulp and paper industry in Russia. It manufactures high quality newsprint and exports more than half of all the paper it produces. Solikamskaya paper is exported to the United States and Brazil, as well as to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, India, Turkey and other countries.

RZD Logistics ships cultural goods to South Africa

The RZD Logistics' branch in Rostov-on-Don dispatched a mixed consignment to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. The cargo was sent by a teacher at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. The consignment consisted of everyday objects used by people in Russia and reproductions of paintings by Russian artists. The items were destined for the university library and according to the consignor, all the objects sent will be used to familiarise students with Russian culture.

RZD Logistics provided the client with a full range of services, including freight packaging, advice on customs clearance, temporary storage, loading and unloading, delivery by road to the loading port and shipment by sea directly to Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

RZD Logistics began transporting finished products by OJSC Synthez-Kauchuk to India, Indonesia and South-East Asia

RZD Logistics began transporting Synthez-Kauchuk's finished products for export. The first 30 containers with cargo have already been shipped for export to India, Indonesia and South-East Asia. The RZD Logistics' branch in Saint Petersburg provided services including supplying vehicles to the plant, transporting the cargo to St. Petersburg's rear terminal, receiving cargo and transferring it into containers at the terminal, delivering the loaded containers to the port, forwarding within the port and sea freight. From January 2013, in addition to the existing scheme using road transport, another option will be added to supply empty containers to the factory and return them to the seaport by rail after loading. OJSC Synthez-Kauchuk is a large chemical company that produces several lines such as propylene oxide, cis-isoprene, epichlorohydrin and other synthetic rubbers. In 2009, OJSC Synthez-Kauchuk became the second company in Russia to begin the industrial production of a new environmentally pure styrene-butadiene rubber. The company's main export countries are Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Poland, Hungary, China, India, Indonesia and Korea.