Finished products and semi-finished products produced by heavy industry (pipes, rails, rolled metal products, slabs, etc.)

Russian Railways has extensive experience in transporting  manufacturing goods. Depending on the type of cargo, the goods can be transported in any of the existing types of wagons. The wagons have a special design that facilitates effective loading unloading and transportation and technical operations. For example, dumping cars (wagons, tipping cars) employ mechanized methods of loading and unloading cargo. If the business involves manufacturing at an industrial enterprise, we can help you with our transport and logistics services and improve your business efficiency.

Not only do heavy industry products weigh several tonnes, but they are also often inconvenient to transport due to their awkward dimensions. Russian Railways is very experienced in providing specialized transport solutions to enterprises such as MECHEL, EVRAZ, SEVERSTAL and others. Depending on the cargo, transportation can again be carried on any of the existing wagons, including containers and contrailers, while multimodal traffic also allow shipping by land and water as appropriate.