Company description

The company is a subsidiary of Russian Railways and was established on 19 November 2010. It provides integrated transportation and logistics services by integrating all services of the Russian Railways Holding and third-party suppliers into a single supply chain on the multimodal transportation market.


The mission of RZD Logistics is to provide all customers with high-quality integrated solutions to address their needs for cargo delivery at any distance, ensuring reliability, professionalism and a tailored approach.

Simplified list of transported goods:

  • bulk cargo;
  • general cargo;
  • temperature-sensitive cargo;
  • oversized and heavy cargo;
  • containerised cargo;
  • small and group age shipments.

    Geography of shipments: Russia, CIS, Eastern and Western Europe, Asian-Pacific countries.

    Rolling stock used: universal and specialised rolling stock, containers, conveyors, wagons, gondolas.

Services provided:

  • logistics management;
  • full integrated logistics support forindustrial enterprises: internal and external logistics of raw materials and finished products;
  • scheduling;
  • ensuring raw material supplies;
  • dispatch control;
  • development of loading plans, handling operations;
  • preparation of shipping documents, payment of fees and railway tariffs;
  • intra-factory logistics;
  • ensuring the clearance of finished products (railway and motor transport);
  • provision of consulting and logistic audit services;
  • servicing non-public railways using locomotives

Services in ports:

  • chartering;
  • organisation of unloading to the warehouse / direct unloading;
  • loading and clearance by railway/motor vehicles to end recipients;
  • solving issues related to interaction between ship-owners, port and rolling stock/motor transport owners;
  • ensuring optimal port workload and cargo feeding.

Container trains:

  • St. Petersburg – Yekaterinburg
  • Moscow – Irkutsk/ Moscow – Novosibirsk
  • Brest – Zabaykalsk / Zabaykalsk – Brest
  • Chongqing – Duisburg
  • Suzhou – Warsaw

Oversized cargo:

  • Any type of transport, including specialised rolling stock;
  • inspection and coordination of super-size cargo transportation;
  • provision of rolling stock for auxiliary equipment and additional cargo as buffer wagons;
  • loading and unloading;
  • equipment fastening;
  • cleaning of rolling stock;
  • preparation of lashing diagrams;
  • obtaining approval from Russian Railways;
  • development of optimal transport and logistics schemes for the delivery of oversized equipment when organising internal and export-import transportation;
  • organisation of track time for crossing the railway infrastructure


Logistics of temperature-sensitive cargoes

Transportation of temperature sensitive goods (hi-tech electronics; foodstuffs, beverages, and other goods),thermally insulated and refrigerated containers with an integrated diesel generator unit for keeping aset temperature,transportation from Asia to Europe, Russia and CIS countries, and from China to Europe, travel time: 16 days.

Small and groupage shipments

RZD Express is the best groupage shipping solution for cargo weighing 20 kg or more to any location in Russia and the CIS. With each day, we are expanding the geography and scope of regional service providers, using all the competitive advantages of the Russian Railways Holding and offering a convenient service with a wide range of additional options:

  • over 150 cities in Russia and the CIS;
  • packing, storage, insurance and tracking of cargo;
  • door-to-door delivery;
  • delivery by freight, postal-baggage and container trains.

Customs clearance

RZD Logistics offers a full range of services related to the documentary support of product deliveries and the preparation for customs clearance:

  • customs clearance of import and export shipments;
  • preparing a full package of documents;
  • continuous monitoring of all stages of the customs clearance procedure;
  • certified bonded warehouse services;
  • representing clients at customs;
  • goods certification services.

Warehouse logistics

RZD Logistics provides warehousing services when needed and offers a full range of warehousing solutions:

  • racking, floor and shelf storage;
  • cross-docking;
  • order preparation, packing, repackaging, marking, warehouse reporting;
  • IT infrastructure.

Warehouse management software generates detailed warehouse reports according to each customer’s requirements while also helping to maintain records based on such principles as FIFO and batch numbers. A robust distribution network for stored goods allows our clients to sell door-to-door to their customers.

Forwarding and trucking

Truck forwarding services arethe delivery of cargo by motor vehicles from the consignor to the dispatch terminal and/or from the arrival terminal to the consignee. We will organise delivery by motor vehicles at a convenient time, and we will also accept the cargo and prepare all the necessary documents. Delivery of goods by road transport.

Geography of road transport deliveries: Russia, CIS, Europe, China.

Types of motor vehicles:

  • road trains with tent trailers that have a capacity of up to 120 cubic metres;
  • universal container chassis for transporting 20-, 40-and 45-foot dry containers and tank containers;
  • refrigerated semitrailers and road trains;
  • car transporters;
  • long glass hauling trailers;
  • light- and medium-duty vehicles.

Cargo insurance

RZD Logistics offers clients additional opportunities to insure any type of cargo in full at competitiverates through our partner insurance companies.


Tel: +7 831 233 18 00, +7 495 988 68 68
Company website:
Address: 34 MashiPoryvaevoy str. bldg 1, Moscow 107078, Russia
CEO: Pavel Sokolov