About the Company

Federal Freight Joint Stock Company (FFC) is one of Russia’s largest freight rail operators. FFC is one of the top three operators in the INFOLine RAIL RUSSIA TOP ranking.

FFC’s core business is the provision of rolling stock for cargo transportation. It also offers freight forwarding services.

As of 1 February 2020, FFC’s total fleet numbered 138,200 units of rolling stock.Fifteen branches and transport service agencies of FFC operate within Russia's railway system, while the company also has offices in Moscow and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As of Russia’s largest freight railway operators, FFC provides a full range of freight transportation services by rail:

  • provision of wagons (gondolas, covered goods wagons, flat wagons, tanks);
  • freight forwarding;
  • wagon rental;
  • a comprehensive service for the organisation of freight operations and the maintenance of non-public railways

FFC develops services that aim to simplify wagon ordering procedures for the convenience of shippers. In particular, the company is actively involved in the Freight Transportation Electronic Trading Platform.

In addition, FFC provides “turnkey” shipments – integrated logistics services as part of the transport and forwarding servicing of 4PL clients (including planning and designing customer supply chains). The company also provides comprehensivetransport services to fully organise railway operations for industrial enterprises, from the receipt and preparation of empty rolling stock to the withdrawal of freight wagons to railway stations and further transportation to their destinations.

In cooperation with the Centre of Corporate Transportation Services and the Central Directorate for Management of the Terminal and Warehouse Complex at Russian Railways, FFC is introducing a new service within the Russian railways system – transportation on piggyback flat wagons. These types of shipment have been carried out on a regular basis since the end of 2018.

Company Mission

We work in the railway industry, which is strategically important for Russia’sdevelopment and integral to addressing the business needs of enterprises in all key sectors of the economy.

We provide sustainable growth opportunities for our clients’ businesses and ensure the integration of economic ties across the 1520-mm gauge area and neighbouring countries.

We offer our clients a wide range of transport and logistics services, continuously improving technological processes, introducing new services and enhancing standards.

Key clients

FFC’s key clients include: Trading Company EvrazHolding, PAO Severstal, Kuzbass Fuel Company, Russian Coal JSC, National Non-Metallic Company, First Non-Metallic Company OJSC, Siberian Anthracite, SDS-Ugol Holding Company, PAO Mechel, MC Kuzbassrazrezugol, Combine Plant Rostselmash, LSR Group and others.

Geography of shipments

FFC’s extensive branch network and its representative office in the Republic of Kazakhstan allow the company to interact promptly with shippers throughout the 1520-mm gauge area. Helping to improve the competitiveness of Russian products in export markets, FFC performs freight transportation on international routes to the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Central Asia, China, Mongolia and Korea.


Address: 34 Masha Poryvaeva St., PO Box No. 17, Moscow, Russia, 107078
Tel.: +7 (499) 262-17-77
E-mail: info@railfgk.ru
Site (in Russian): http://railfgk.ru/