As a branch of RZD and an owner off reight yards throughout the entire Russian railway system, CM offers its clients a full range of handling, terminal and warehouse services, including temporary storage facilities for companies involved in cross-border operations and rolling stock cleaning services.It also provides warehousing and office space for rent.

CM’s advantages:

  • Industrial sites are located in major regional centres across the entire Russian rail network in close proximity to railroad track development areas and major highways.
  • No fees are charged for the supply/cleaning of wagons at the freight yards.
  • Universal cargo terminals capable of handling all types of cargo (except liquid cargo).
  • Cargo terminals handling cargo arriving by road and rail.
  • The company has its own network of container terminals, temporary storage warehouses and facilities for washing and preparing wagons.
  • Loading, unloading and transhipment of export-import cargo on 1435- and 1520 mm rolling stock.
  • Knowledge of and compliance with the regulations for loading and securing cargo in wagons/containers minimises the risk of travel delays.
  • Professional staff, flexible pricing.
  • Services rendered by on-site teams at client terminals and warehouses.
  • Provision of integrated services including loading, unloading, placement and fastening of cargoes, storage, weighing, warehouse processing and delivery by road.
  • Technological processes are integrated and linked to RZD’s main logistics procedures.


Address: 2, Orlikov Per., Moscow,
10708, Russia