Media Requests for Information, Photography and Filmingat Russian Railways’ facilities
Phone number of the Russian Railways’ Press Service:  +7 (499) 262-66-70

Procedure for information requests
Form of the request.
In order to obtain background information, commentary or interviews from the Company’s executives, as well as other material on the activities of Russian Railways, a letter with the publication’s letterhead should be sent to Maxim Lunev, Head of Corporate Communications Department at Russian Railways.
Contents of the request. The letter should include: a statement of the request, a brief comment on the main topic of the upcoming article (interview), a complete list of questions as far as possible, the desired time for our response, the correspondent’s contact details and, if possible, brief information about the publication.

Press Service, address: Russian Railways, Corporate Communications Department, 2, Novaya Basmannaya str., Moscow, 107174, Russia
Fax: (499) 262-38-72
Tel. +7 (499) 262-20-79

Procedure for TV, video, film work and photography at Russian Railways’ facilities
An application for filming should be sent by a natural or legal person to the Corporate Communications Department of JSC Russian Railways.The application must be made on the letterhead of your organisation, signed by its head and stamped by the organisation.
International media must attach to the application a copy of a special correspondent card of a foreign mass meda organisation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. If the application is submitted by a foreign individual or legal entity which is not accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, copies of passports and visas of all those involved in the filming must be attached to the application.
Application Content. The application must specify the goals and objectives of the shoot, a brief scenario and the location of the filming, the objects of the shoot, the time and date of the filming, the composition of the crew and the surname, first name, patronymic/middle name and telephone number of the responsible person.
Terms of application. The application must be submitted not less than 15 working days before filming begins.
In exceptional cases, the application can be sent by fax or e-mail for an expeditious decision on permission to undertake filming.
Permission to carry out filming, as issued by the Corporate Communications Department of OJSC Russian Railways, shall apply only to the objects (scenes) specified in the application.
Shooting at official events of Russian Railways is carried out by representatives of the mass media on the basis of accreditation by the Company’s Corporate Communications Department.
Rejection of Shooting Application
A shoot may be rejected if it violates the technological process of the railway transport operation, interferes with traffic and passenger safety or if it has a negative effect on the quality of the services rendered to passengers or the working conditions of personnel, as well as in the event of force majeure.