A total of 690 billion roubles was earmarked for the 2019 Russian Railways investment programme.

The structure of the investment programme includes seven main areas:

  • projects related to carrying out the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • railway infrastructure development projects;
  • security;
  • removing infrastructural restrictions;
  • increasing transport accessibility;
  • rolling stock renewal;
  • other projects.

Projects related to carrying out the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation include integrated infrastructure projects of national significance financed jointly by Russian Railways, the Federal budget and the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

These projects include the modernization of the Baikal–Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway, the comprehensive reconstruction of the Mezhdurechensk–Taishet line, the development of the Moscow transport hub, the renovation of the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports on the Azov-Black Sea Basin, the construction of the high-speed line between Moscow and Kazan, the development and modernization of the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the North-Western Basin, and building up the railway infrastructure on the Northern and Sverdlovsk railways to accommodate the additional freight flow as part of the project to set up the Northern Latitudinal Railway.

Projects related to carrying out the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation are characterized by their high budget efficiency, as well as by their strategic importance for the development of the economy and maintaining the security of the country as a whole.

Railway infrastructure development projects sector include large-scale projects to stimulate the country’s economic growth and to ensure the optimization the transportation process. These projects require priority financing in order to ensure the projected volumes of freight and passenger transportation.

These projects include:

  • The modernization of the Baikal – Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway (Second stage);
  • The electrification of the Rtishchevo – Kochetovka line;
  • The electrification of the Ozherelye – Uzlovaya – Yelets line (specialisation for passenger transportation);
  • Increasing the throughput capacity of the Artyshta – Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet line;
  • The development of the Perm – Solikamsk line;
  • The development of the Perm railway hub, which includes the construction of a bridge;
  • The reconstruction of the Morozovskaya – Volgodonskaya section of the North Caucasus Railway.

Security sector includes modernizing the company’s fixed assets and other projects aimed at ensuring the security of life-sustaining facilities (transport and fire safety, upgrading civil defence facilities) and the technological stability of the production process, as well as at improving traffic safety and maintaining the existing throughput.

Within the section removing infrastructural restrictions there are following investment projects:

  • the construction of branch lines;
  • the lengthening of station tracks;
  • the development of railway hubs and border stations;
  • the development of marshalling yards;
  • the construction and reconstruction of engineering structures;
  • the reconstruction of railway tracks;
  • the modernization of the railway infrastructure of the island of Sakhalin;
  • the development of the Tobolsk – Surgut – Korotchayevo line;
  • the renovation of railway facilities in the Chechen Republic.

Increasing transport accessibility section involves the continued implementation of projects by the company to upgrade its fixed assets in the passenger sector (on commuter and long-distance routes).

Rolling stock renewal sector includes the implementation of the programme to update the fleet of traction rolling stock and multiple units.

Other projects include research and development work and contributing to the authorized capital of other companies. The company’s investment activities are also aimed at developing the material and technical base of social infrastructure facilities in order to bring them into line with existing health and safety rules and regulations.

The development and modernization of the rail transport infrastructure is vital for the balanced economic development of the country, as well as for forming a domestic production base, realizing the country’s industrial potential, expanding foreign economic relations and ensuring the integrity and security of the state. The implementation of investment programme is one of the ways in which the company achieves its strategic goals and objectives.

The Russian Railways investment programme sets out all the necessary measures for achieving the targets set by the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization and Expansion of Trunk Infrastructure for the Period up to 2024 approved by Decree No. 2101-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 30 September 2018.

Project 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Total, including: 365,466.6 376,371.7 479,491.0 530,018.9 674,065.7
Projects related to the implementation of instructions from the Government of the Russian Federation 138,863.1 173,705.1 194,403.4 162,846.2 158,534.3
Modernisation of the railway infrastructure on the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Main Lines with the development of through and carrying capacity 64,208.8 83,526.2 70,999.4 48,531.3 35,042.0
Integrated development of the section between Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet at Krasnoyarsk Railways 5,949.4 4,766.5 3,646.4 3,707.9 4,615.3
Developing and modernising the railway infrastructure on the approaches to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin 5,825.3 18,229.7 28,912.2 39,872.5 14,339.5
Development of the Moscow Transport Hub 47,750.7 36,839.7 35,593.8 50,069.3 87,728.6
Construction of Prockhorovka – Zhuravka – Chertkovo – Bataisk railway line 6,310.3 19,321.9 37,554.6 1,734.6 604.5
onstruction of high-speed railway "Moscow – Kazan" 5,050.0 8,895.0 7,291.2 1,892.2 108.2
The development of the rail infrastructure on the approaches to the North-Western Basin, including the construction of branch lines and the electrification of the Vyborg – Primorsk – Yermilovo line 3,768.5 2,126.2 10,309.3 15,525.3 13,484.9
Strengthening the railway infrastructure on Northern Railways and Sverdlovsk Railways for the passage of additional freight traffic as part of the project to create the Northern Latitudinal Railway 600.3 1,519.2
Constructing the western bypass at the Saratov junction on Volga Railways with the strengthening of the Lipovsky - Kurdyum railway section 96.4 912.9 794.3
The creation of a high-speed line between St. Petersburg and Moscow** 297.7
Russian Railways’ own projects: 226,603.6 202,666.6 285,087.7 367,172.7 515,531.3
Railway infrastructure development projects 5,865.4 11,560.7
Electrifying the Rtishchevo - Kochetocka stretch (specialisation for freight traffic) 671.6 518.4
Reconstruction of the Morozovskaya - Volgodonskaya stretch 70.4 693.5
Developing the Perm - Solikamsk connection 237.3 457.7
Developing the Perm railway hub with the construction of a river crossing 148.4 282.2
Electrifying the Ozherelye - Uzlovaya - Yelets connection (specialisation for passenger traffic) 733.5 546.1
Modernising the Baikal-Amur Main Line and the Trans-Siberian Railways (II stage) 2,113.3 4,613.1
Increasing the throughput capacity of the Artyshta - Mezhdurechensk - Taishet section 912.1 1,541.9
Constructing the Selikhin - Nysh railway line with a passage across the Nevelsky Strait 978.9 2,136.1
Measures to increase the carrying and throughput capacity of the railway infrastructure with a view to expanding transit container traffic, including crossing the Trans-Siberian in seven days 771.7
Ensuring rail transport safety 44,289.5 41,666.1 114,805.6 92,812.9 139,035.9
Removing infrastructure constraint 74,312.7 45,171.5 62,451.1 130,785.9 168,778.2
Improving the Russian population's access to transport 8,184.8 12,246.2 15,608.1 11,250.0 10,103.7
Renewing rolling stock,including: 88,788.4 91,337.6 76,964.1 116,707.7 140,980.0
Traction rolling stock 66,204.3 73,542.0 61,168.2 88,950.8 109,855.2
Freight rolling stock 310.6 275.2 280.9 659.4 35.4
Motorised train units 22,273.4 17,520.4 15,515.0 27,097.5 31,089.4
Other Projects 11,028.2 12,245.1 15,258.7 9,750.7 45,072.7

** The project can be put into operation following the adoption of the relevant decision by the Government of the Russian Federation