Attention! All trains and direct carriages No. 17/18 Moscow - Nice - Moscow have been cancelled. For more information, click here.

Trains to Austria

Train number Route Frequency of service Weekday
17 (407)* Moscow – Nice
Train services have been temporarily suspended
1 per a week Thursday
18 (408)* Nice  Moscow
Train services have been temporarily suspended
1 per a week

Sunday (from station Innsbruck, Jenbach)

Monday (from station Vienna, Kirchberg in Tyrol, Zell-am-See, Bischofshofen, Lens, Vienna)

* Train number on Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).

Services to the following stations are available: Vienna, Lenses, Bichofshofen, Zell-am-See, Kirchberg In Tirol, Jenbach, Innsbruck.

You can check the timetable, fares and availability at the site "". Please specify the departure and destination stations, as well as the travel dates.

Passenger Information

Discounts for individual passengers

These discounts do not apply to the processing of tickets for group rates and the “Voyage” special fare.

  • 5% off the upper berths at points of sale of OJSC Russian Railways (does not apply to compartments in the "Single" category);
  • 10% off all seats/berths provided that the seats/berths are reserved during the period from 60 to 45 days before the train’s departure.

These discounts do not apply when booking tickets at group rates and the “Voyage” special fare.

Children’s Tickets

A child under the age of 4 can travel with an adult passenger without a separate seat/berth free of charge. If required, passengers can book a paid Children's ticket with a seat/berth.

Single tickets for Luxury (Business) Class carriages are booked for one adult passenger occupying the whole compartment. Passengers can take not more than two children under 12 years of age free of charge, where cashless tickets are issued in the Russian Federation. Outside the Russian Federation, booking cash-free tickets for children is not required.

Double tickets for Luxury (Business) Class carriages are booked simultaneously for all seats in the compartment at the special “Adult” Family fare for two adult passengers travelling jointly who can take no more than two children under 4 years of age or one child up to the age of 12 free of charge. For every child travelling free of charge, it is necessary to book a non-cash ticket in the Russian Federation.

Transportation of Pets and Hand Luggage

The transportation of dogs, other small pets and birds is allowed in any class, provided that all the seats in the compartment have been paid for. Small (house) pets and birds must be transported in cages or baskets, etc. Not more than one dog or not more than one cage may be transported in the compartment.

No additional fee is charged for the transportation of dogs, small (house) pets and birds.

Each passenger can carry easily transportable items (hand luggage) free of charge if this does not contravene the customs or administrative rules. The total measurement of the three dimensions of one piece of hand luggage should not exceed 200 cm and none of the sides should exceed 55 cm.

  • in first class carriages, including Luxury (Business) Class carriages, when travelling in the Single category, not more than 100 kg of hand baggage can be taken per compartment;
  • in first class carriages, including Luxury (Business) Class carriages, when travelling in the Double category compartment, not more than 50 kg can be taken on each ticket with a seat/berth;
  • in second class carriages, for an adult passenger, not more than 36 kg and for a child under 12 years of age, not more than 15 kg can be taken on each ticket with a seat/berth.

Buying Tickets

Ticket booking is done on one form. Tickets can be purchased at international rail ticket offices along the train’s route (Russia (Russian Railways - RZD), Poland (PKP SA), the Czech Republic (CD), Austria (ÖBB), Germany (DB) and France (SNCF)).

Electronic tickets can be purchased on the site

An electronic registration service is available on the trains.

T o board a train anywhere along the entire route, the passenger must present an electronic ticket (boarding coupon) printed out on A4 paper or present its image on the display of a mobile device to the carriage conductor, as well as the passenger’s identity document as indicated on the electronic ticket.

Electronic registration is carried out:

  • during the procedure for ordering electronic tickets after completing the “Payment” stage simultaneously for all the passengers specified on the order;
  • repeatedly at any other time on your personal account;
  • both simultaneously for all passengers specified on the order and for individual electronic tickets on the order.

Cancellation of the electronic registration service (refusal) is made no later than 1 hour before the train departs from the initial station of the service:

  • on your personal account on the website;
  • by obtaining a boarding coupon (ticket) at a rail ticket office or self-service terminal on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Rules for Refunding Ticket Fares

Tickets are refunded at the place of purchase.

Individual fares:

  • when applying more than 6 hours before the train departure, 100% of the fare is refunded, No fare refunds are made less than 6 hours before train departure.

Group fares:

  • from 60 to 15 days before the train departure ,100% of the fare is refunded and from 14 to 8 days before the train departure, 50% of the fare is refunded. No fare refunds are made less than 8 days prior to the train departure.

In the Russian Federation, a fee of 10 euros is charged for the return of an unused ticket.

Information updated on: 16.03.2020