Dear Passengers,

When travelling abroad and/or going in transit through one or several countries by train, please make sure that you are allowed to cross the border with your documents (i.e. you have a visa to each country which borders you are about to cross or there is a regulation of your country stating that citizens of your country do not need any visas for such countries).

Please take time to study in detail all passport, administrative (including visa-related), and customs requirements applied to you, your hand luggage, and baggage.

The carrier is not entitled to control, whether you follow the said rules, neither shall it be made liable for any failure by passengers to follow these rules.

For more detailed information about Russian Federation and foreign border crossing procedures, please address migration, border, or customs services of the country of your destination, including each country you are about to pass en route to your destination.

Rules applied to entry and exit from the Russian Federation depend on agreements signed between the Russian Federation and foreign governments, which rules may change from time to time. The most complete and accurate information is available from consulates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian embassies in your country.

In case a passenger fails to follow the said rules and requirements for entry into a country or transit through its territory, such passenger may be subject to financial liability followed by subsequent detainment in an entry point for an indefinite period or to deportation from such country.

Passport Information:

Main documents to confirm a Russian passenger’s identity when exiting from and entering into the Russian Federation are:

  • Passport;
  • Diplomatic passport;
  • Service passport;
  • Certificate of return to the Russian Federation (only for those returning to Russia) issued by a relevant diplomatic mission or consulate of the Russian Federation.

Foreign nationals may enter and leave the Russian Federation if they have a Russian visa and valid identity documents. When entering the Russian Federation, a foreign national shall fill in a migration card that he/she shall return upon exiting the country. Such migration card shall be provided at border control with valid identity papers of a foreign national.

If you are a foreign national in Russia, please be noted that there are special procedures for electronic visas applied when entering the country through Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region and Kaliningrad Regions by train. The e-Visa is invalid when entering the Russian Federation through Buslovskaya, Vyborg, Saint-Petersburg-Finland, Ivangorod, and Nesterov border checkpoints by train.

A Russian citizen of minority age travelling abroad with at least one of his/her parents may use either his/her own international passport or international passport of his/her parent containing relevant records (with mandatory photo of the child). It is also obligatory that the child’s photo and record in parent’s international passport to be certified with a stamp of the document issuing authority. Parents exiting the country with children of minority age whose second name shown in the international passport differs from those of his/her parent’s, shall provide a document to confirm a degree of kindred (Certificate of Birth).

If a Russian national of minority age leaves the country unescorted by his/her parents, adoptive parents, guardians, or caregivers, he/she shall have a notarized consent of the said persons allowing the Russian national of minority age to exit the Russian Federation in addition to a standard passport. The notarized consent shall contain information about the period of travel and names of state(s) the said Russian national of minority age is about to visit. Such consent may be provided by either parent if the other parent had not submitted a non-consent application to prevent his/her child from exiting the country.

Visa Information:

All persons in all situations are to have visas to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, excluding Russian Federation citizens, CIS countries nationals (save for Georgia and Turkmenistan), and citizens of countries being parties to Visa-Free Reciprocal Travel Arrangements with Russia.

Border Checkpoint "Saint-Petersburg-Zheleznodorozhniy":

Tel.: +7 (812) 457-73-80.

For more detailed information, as well as for a list of laws and rules governing the Russian Federation border crossing procedure, please visit the official web site of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation at: