Russian railways


If you are travelling with the same train as your luggage, you can have your luggage transported in the specially equipped compartments which make up part of the long-distance trains through out Russia.

Up to 3 pieces of luggage/baggage per passenger up to a total weight of 200 kg are accepted.

The size of each piece of luggage/baggage in all three dimensions (width, length and height) must be no more than 180 cm and its weight must be less than 75 kg.


On domestic Federal Passenger Company services, passengers are allowed to carry items whose total measure ments in allthree dimensions exceeds 180 cm (extra-large luggage) under the following conditions:

  1. The weight of one piece of extra-large luggage should not exceed 75 kg.
  2. Extra-large luggage must pass unhindered and be entirely accommodated in the specialisedcar for carrying luggage without damaging the passenger carriage. Extra-large luggage must be packaged in such a way as to have devices that allow it to be carried during loading and unloading and to ensure its integrity during the whole period of the transportation and thus exclude the possibility of harm to the carrier, the luggage of other passengers or other property.
  3. The size of one piece of extra-large luggage should not exceed a height of 175 cm, alength of 50 cm and a width of 45 cmwhen being transported in a single-decker carriage, while the sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 180 cmwhen being transported in a double-decker carriage.
  4. In the event that the dimensions specified in Paragraph 3 are exceeded, the transportation of the extra-large baggage may be carried out in agreement with the carrier in accordance with Paragraphs 200-205 of the “Rules of Transport of Passengers, Luggage andCargo by Rail” or by the decision of the head of the train, subject to the fulfillment of the conditions for the transportation of extra-large baggage specified in Paragraphs 1 and 2.
  5. The carrier or the head of the train has the right to refuse to carry extra-large luggage if the conditions for the transport of extra-large luggage as specified in Paragraphs 1 and 2 have not been met.
  6. In the case of a refusal to carry extra-large luggage:
    • the carrier shall send a written response to the passengerafter reviewing the request;
    • directly when it is attempted to load the extra-large luggage onto the train,the head of the train shall stamp, sign and date the ticket or transport document “Denied Transportation. Oversized.”
  7. Payments for extra-large baggage not accepted for transportation are returned through the claims procedure.
  8. Ticketsor transport documents for the transportation of extra-large luggage canbe booked from stations where the train timetable provides for a stop of at least 5 minutes.
  9. No more than one piece of extra-large baggage is allowed under one ticket or travel document.
  10. In order tobook extra-large baggage, passengers must apply for its transportation at the point of sale of the tickets. The passenger will be informed about the results of the application and in case of a positive decision, he will be issued a transportation document containing the stamp “Transportation Under Special Conditions” printed in the ticket section “Note.”